4 Ways You can Distribute Your Infographic

Infographic design showcaseLet’s start off this conversation with one important point. If your infographic design falls flat, isn’t engaging, and doesn’t tell a compelling story than no marketing in the world will help you.

Let’s face it, marketing online is hard. There is a ton of competition and noise drowning you out every day. So, the question begs to be asked, how do you break through all that noise and be heard. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. However, the most cost effective way is through creative content like blogs and infographics. Once you have the infographic designed, the next step is to get it into the right peoples hands for mass distribution. Its important to target specific influencers instead of the entire world because you can refine your marketing efforts and let others do the heavy lifting for you. Also, its a lot less time consuming to leverage influencers power and reach than going it alone.

There are 4 fundamental ways you can get your infographic into the hands of your targeted readers.

Press Release

The quick an easy way to get a mass distribution of information is via newswires. With a press release you can get your news syndicated accross a number of popular new sites and hopefully get picked up by pubications for you target audience. Think about whether there are any niche newswires you could use to micro target the publications that are most important to you. For example, PRMac.com targets Apple blogs and sites.


Email is a great tool to utilize in conjunction with your press release. Now I don’t want to give away all my secrets but sending out emails prior to and during your press launch to writers, editors, families and friends can be a good way to get it directly to the people will influence your audience. Don’t be scared to submit a contact form on a publications website. Believe it or not, people do read those.  However, the noise from contact forms is immense. That’s why it’s always best to try to find writers and editors emails first to ensure you get your infographic into the right peoples hands.

Submitting to Infographic Sites

Infographic sites like DailyInfograhic.com and Visual.ly are in the business of distributing infographics. If you can scour the internet for sites that are infographic specific. The likely hood of you getting picked up here is much higher. Also, the audience of these sites is full of infographic nuts that just love sharing infographics to the Twitter peeps and Facebook buddies.

Social Bookmarking and Social Sharing

Lastly, you will want to make sure to Tweet, Facebook, Pin, Google+ your infographic as much as you can. Did your infographic get picked up by the Huffington Post? Share it! Did you post it on Visual.ly? Share that too! More importantly though you can reach influencers on social media as well. You should tweet influencers in your industry to check out your infographic. Obviously, the more genuine you are the better.

It sounds like a lot of work because it is. Put together a plan and list of sites you want to target before hand. That way, when you launch you aren’t scrambling around trying to get your infographic off the ground. The first day is most important. Being able to control who picks up your infographic in the first 24 hours will help shape the flow of distribution for the coming weeks.

For professional infographic distribution strategies and infographic design. Feel free to contact us to learn how we can help make your infographic a huge success.

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