5 Design Tips for Creating a Successful Investor Pitch Website

Dont bore investors, create dynamic pitch websites to cultivate interest and raise funds for your business.

Last week we covered the basic ideas and content guidelines for designing the perfect investor pitch deck. We outlined the essentials of an investor pitch decka comprehensive business proposal and compelling contentand how they are vital in grabbing investors attention and gaining possible funding for your business. However, while the content and business plan are the most important in creating your investor pitch website, there are some crucial design rules to follow to make sure you keep your investor engaged and interested. Businesses should not wholly rely on a fancy-looking design template in order to seek investment, but keeping in line with important web design rules will optimize your investor pitch site, enabling your business to make a lasting impression on your potential investors.

5 Design Rules for Pitch Sites

  1. Stick to the Rule of Tincture: this is a simple, yet important guide to using colors effectively within your design. The Rule of Tincture places colors into two groupsthe first group contains gold (yellow) and silver (white) and the second group contains every color expect the two aforementioned. The rule states that two colors from the same group cannot come into contact with each other. Following the rule of tincture should yield an aesthetically pleasing color scheme for your investor site.
  2. Make It Easy to Read: readability is a significant feature of your investor pitch site. The rule is simple, if its not easy to read, then its probably not worth the time to figure it out! Easy to read means easy to remember and easy to follow. These are crucial considerations when inputting content into your design. Make sure that the content is legible and proofread. Also check that the design reinforces the message you want to convey and does not disturb the user flow of the site.
  3. Pick a Simple Font: Its not rocket science! Picking a font shouldnt be difficult, but some thought should be spent on choosing fonts. Fonts aid in presenting your message to your investor. For this reason, find a font that matches the tone of your business message and branding. More traditional fonts are typically more accessible and conventional. But if you want your business to seem hi-tech or modern, then consider a more unconventional font. Just make sure it does not take the spotlight away from your pitch!
  4. Dont Go Overboard on Stock Images: pictures and other media can make for great interaction with your investor. But having unrelated pictures or images that are obviously from a stock photo site, wont fly. Remember you want to pique your investors interest, so find pictures that specifically compliment your content and design!
  5. No Bullet Points: your investor pitch site should keep with a simple design that is accessible and easily digestible for investors. That doesnt mean you can get away with using bullet points. I know its tempting! But users, especially those willing to give you money, want to feel like they are engaging with a real person and a real company. Having your presentation in bullet points gives the impression of laziness and lack of passion. This is your business, your livelihood! Thoroughly and clearly present what your company does, your companys portfolio, the investment you are looking for and your plans for the investment. Display your message through text, pictures, video or any other way, but make sure youre giving investors the full story!

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Have any more design tips for investor pitch sites?

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