7 Easy Website Builder Sites for Freelancers

Surviving as a freelancer in the competitive remote economy can be daunting. As all freelancers represent themselves and their work, it’s important to do so in a manner that is dynamic, expressive and striking.

When hiring entities review handfuls upon handfuls of digitally received resumes, it seems that different components are more important than others. Could it be your resume font or how long you spent at your last job? These details can certainly lend themselves valuable in the decision-making process. However, one thing has been made pretty clear – your website is certainly your “in” or your “out” to getting a freelance job in the digital economy. Hands down.

Are you a website developer that has a website that doesn’t fully load? Do you have typography as a skill on your resume, but your website includes Comic Sans? Are you a graphic designer with no visual samples on your website? We need to talk.

A website means absolutely everything in terms of making an impression, as viewing applicant websites is the definitive first action all hiring agencies take. If you have a gorgeous creative resume but a tacky, malfunctioning and outdated website, you are most certainly not going to get the job. It all boils down to a simple notion – if you have difficulty representing yourself to the public eye in a way that is powerful and impactful, how are your hopeful clients supposed to have faith in your representation of their company?

Some freelancers are intimidated by developing and maintaining websites, as they can be time-consuming, and even expensive. However, the existing resources in the digital world to build websites in an easy and cost efficient manner are simply booming in quantity. Regardless of your budget or your technical expertise, there is certainly a website builder tool out there that will help you establish your freelance identity in a way that is memorable and credible.


From striking galleries to an online store, Squarespace makes it incredibly easy for first-time users to create and maintain a gorgeous and flawlessly-functioning website. Target and Lyft both use Squarespace, along with thousands of nationally recognized brands and e-commerce stores. With 24/7 customer service support, Squarespace is absolutely perfect for those who might need a little extra help creating their website. Not to mention – everything is mobile-ready so your website will automatically be optimized regardless of what device it’s viewed on.



Weebly gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of preset and responsive themes, making it easy to find inspiration. For those on a budget, this website builder is completely free and provides you with the basic essentials you’ll need. You’ll be able to create unlimited pages and host your site for free, or you can pay a little more per month to connect your own domain and remove Weebly branding. With the drag and drop functionality, it’s incredibly easy to create a professional website with little to no technical skills.

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Virb features unlimited media galleries, blogs, stores and will not hold you back in terms of content and bandwidth. Virb can beautifully handle tons of content without sacrificing functionality and responsiveness. If you have a very rich portfolio and don’t want to leave anything out, this might be a good option for you. Virb also allows and encourages integration with other media platforms such as Instagram, Easy, Tumblr and of course – Facebook. If your freelance work is displayed in an array of different sites, you’ll find peace with Virb knowing that for your viewers sake, you can have everything organized and accessed in one place.



In just a few clicks, you can create your ideal website with absolutely no coding required.Jimdo even comes with iOS and Android apps that make editing your site easy and efficient on the go. Need to publish a new blog at the airport and all you have with you is your smartphone? No problem. Jimdo also provides fantastic support on their blog, as they frequently update it with tips and tricks for those who might ned a little inspiration or guidance from design trends to small business tips and tricks. Not to mention, getting started is absolutely free.

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This  website builder is perfect for those who might have more experience building websites. While using Froont, HTML code is automatically being generated behind the scenes, yet for freelancers who are more technical and nature, HTML can be easily accessed. Froont has a drag and drop editor, hundreds of web fonts and even has a live preview of what your site will look like on various devices. Not to mention, FROONT Behaviors allow you to create simple but effective animations which will certainly be impressive to potential clients. Froont also has a knowledge base with dozens of helpful video lessons, from the basics to the more complex.



LightCMS prides itself on it’s ease of use. With integrated CMS tools that are quick to catch onto, your website can thrive throughout blogs, forms, calendars, photo galleries, e-commerce and more. Whether you are a beginner or a technically trained website builder, LightCMS adapts to your intuition and makes it easy for anybody to build and manage a website. It revolutionizes the website builder experience by combining CMS content features and a complete online store in one single platform. For those freelancers who tend to have a lot on their plate, it only takes less than 60 seconds to try it for free (with no payment information required).

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With SpaceCraft, you have access to a diverse range of templates, making your website setup easy. Don’t see a template that fits your personal brand? No worries. You can also start off with a blank template. SpaceCraft’s interface makes controls smart and easy to understand. Account management features allow logins with Facebook, Google and Microsoft accounts. SpaceCraft even gives you the ability to manage your website on the go with a completely mobile optimized editing environment.

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Now it should be no problem finding a website builder tool that is suitable for your personal brand and your technical capabilities.

If you’ve learned anything at all from this article, we hope it’s that you never fail to include your personal website in any freelance applications! We also hope your website is a good one..

What are some of your favorite website builder tools? Have any experiences with any of these tools that you’d like to share?

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