8 Fundamental Parts of a Great Landing Page

The Perfect Landing Page MockYou’ve gotten lost trying to find contact information on a confusing website, or followed a link to a site you expected to provide you with answers to your burning questions–but were met instead with something that looked like 1998. Maybe you’ve even had one of these sites, and wondered why you weren’t making any sales? Maybe, you still have this site, and you’re still wondering.

It is Space Chimp’s goal to make the internet a safe place with web design that converts. If we had our way you would never have to stumble upon an all-black website with lime green text and a picture of the owners dog ever again. Here’s our list of the essential stuff to help you design an attractive and effective landing page. Think of this as the waiting room where your customers can learn everything about your company in one simple read page which compels users to take action.

Pitch Graphic

It’s difficult to know what to pay attention to when you land on a page with multiple competing graphics and information. The eye needs to be drawn in to one focal point, this is easy to accomplish with an image that will communicate to the user what it is you do.

Main Feature

The pitch graphic will prep the user for your main feature–you, your business, your product, basically the reason they came to your site in the first place.


What are the benefits of your product or service over that of another company, or just compared to not having them at all? Use your website to communicate to your potential customers the benefits of your product or service, but keep it brief. The landing page is a map that the user can look at and instantly see how to get from where they are to where they want to go via the roads you’ve outlined. Your products and services likely have their own pages, but those pages should be easy to find and introduced in such a way that people want to click through.

How It Works

Do people know what you do, or are they always asking you what, exactly, a “Cloud-based Application Interface Designer” does? Or maybe your product isn’t self-explanatory, either; this can especially be true with new mobile technologies that are not yet house-hold names. It’s important to explain to your potential customer how your product or service works, so they know if it’s right for them.

Pricing Tables

When you go to a new restaurant, open the menu, and realize there are no prices what is your first reaction? To kick the person you’re with under the table and try to invent a graceful way of leaving? Most people, when they don’t see a price tag, imagine the worst. You don’t have to post prices on your landing page, but let people know that they can find your prices without calling and then feeling embarrassed to admit you’re out of their price range. Just making the price list available may make you look more affordable because you’re not trying to hide anything.


Why should someone choose your business over another? Now that your customer has been familiarized with your product, take a moment to introduce yourself. Should they buy because you’re a small mom and pop shop that has been trusted in your local community for over 50 years? Or should they trust you because you’ve been backed by celebrities? Because your product has become an industry standard? Because … it smells good?

Contact Forms

There’s an annoying phrase that comes up a lot in marketing: Keep It Simple Stupid. Keeping your forms simple removes barriers between your potential customer and a conversion. It’s a lot easier for someone to fill out a contact form, or hit “add to cart” than it is for them to pick up the phone and call. The form is there to make the sale easy, don’t undo all the work it’s doing for you by over-complicating it.

Secondary Call to Action

Okay, they acted, they came to your site, they clicked around and now you want them to DO something. Maybe it’s to call you for a consultation, or to buy a pair of pants, or even just to like a pair of pants and share it on Facebook. In any case, there needs to be a next step, and you need to make it EASY for them to make.

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