9 Important Trust Factors that Affect Your Website Conversions

Web Design Trust MeterLaunching a new website is often viewed as the easiest way to attract new business. However, creating a website doesn’t necessarily mean that the the sales will automatically start rushing in. Unfortunately, just having a website simply isn’t enough these days. There are additional web design best practices that must be considered in order to convert leads into actual customers once they’ve arrived at your site.


The higher the trust factors the better chances someone will see them and help make the case. However, always keep in mind a beautiful web design in itself can be the greatest trust factor of all. Thus, smashing a bunch of logos and content above the fold to try to boost conversions will most likely result in adverse results.


When implementing trust factors always be testing. Try out a service like Optimizely for quick/easy A/B testing.

Here is a list of 9 trust factors that can effect the conversion rate for customers.

#1 Testimonials

Testimonials can really add credibility to a website. Solicited or unsolicited testimonials can be a great way to get the consumer to trust a brand. In order for the testimonial to work, it should be authentic. Testimonials can be leveraged across marketing materials and social media platforms.

#2 Product Reviews

Product reviews give the potential customer a glimpse of the customer experience. Product reviews with rating mechanisms, customer comments or a combination of both encourage people on the fence to purchase.

#3 Certifications

Certifications go a long way in improving the conversion rate for a business. Customers want to know that they are dealing with a business who embraces industry best practices.

#4 Featured Publications

Featured publications can improve credibility. An article published by a blogger or influencer touting the benefits of the service or product can improve the conversion rate. The more notable the publication the more trust it brings to your site and brand.

#5 Security Badges

Security badges such as “Secure Checkout”, or “Google Trusted Store” is another important consideration. Companies conducting business online must be prepared to assure customers that their personal information will be safe.

#6 Guarantees

Guarantees are a great way to lower risks for the customer. Many businesses offer a return, delivery, service or satisfaction promise for their customers. Knowing that a product or service has a guarantee signals you have confidence what you are selling.

#7 Social Media Icons

Visible social media shares improve the conversion rate. Consumers are swayed by social media shares and recommendations made by their peers.

#8 Overall Design Quality

The quality of the website conveys professionalism. It can also instill confidence in the consumer. A great user experience, a clean layout and a stunning design can make a company’s site stand out from its competitors. The question begs to be asked – If you don’t take care of your website what does that say about your product, service, or customer support? How can the customer even trust that you will get there purchase or contact request?

#9 Easy to Find Contact Information

With the web being still thought of as a seedy underground world filled with shady individuals praying on the weak with scams and fly-by-night businesses – it’s important to show that you have a phone number and that you actually have an office with real people.¬†Easy to find contact information such as a phone number, office location, customer support emails shows the customer that you’re a real business and that you’re easy to get a hold of if needed.

The company’s website is going to have to be designed with conversion in mind. Every aspect of the customer experience has to promote credibility and professionalism for the business. Space Chimp based out of Austin, TX is a reputable digital marketing agency that specializes in improving conversion rates for websites.

What are some other important web design trust factors that we may have left out?

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