App Marketing Venn Diagram Strategy




Space Chimp’s app marketing strategy for optimal performance is based tactical exposure using three (3) marketing strategies. The use of each channel by itself or the failure to leverage all three constitute insufficient and underwhelming performance. Are you facing challenges with low user acquisition, poor conversions, or trouble establishing your brand? Check out our diagram and see where you stack up.

App Store Optimization

Your app store listing is the equivalent of your website. You wouldn’t market your website if it wasn’t optimized for conversions. How’s your messaging? Keyword Optimization? Are you screen shots up to snuff?

Mobile Advertising

Let’s face it, mobile advertising is the most direct way to acquire users. That’s why web advertising is categorized under “Word-of-Mouth”. Its really not an app user acquisition strategy but instead a long term investment in brand impression building.


Word-of-Mouth marketing can be powerful when you have a unique app and a narrative that writers and potential users can talk about. Let’s be clear, word-of-mouth is not the same thing as sending out a press release. How can you build a narrative around your product that’s buzzworthy and people can talk about? Give writers stories they can run with. Messaging that your app launched is not a story. Guess what? 500 other apps launched the same day as yours.

What are some other ways you can market your app to drive more users to your app?

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