Apple Puts the Brakes on UDID

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Amidst rising privacy concerns, Apple has decided to begin rejecting new apps that utilize a device’s UDID, (Unique Device ID), a code used to identify a user’s mobile phone or tablet. If you are an app developer, this will have a significant impact on how you market your app and how you track and measure your iOS app downloads. As business owners, managers, developers, and marketers, we are all aware that the environment in which we all work is constantly in flux, progressing rapidly, and requires us to adapt quickly, so have no fear, Space Chimp is prepared to help you navigate this changing landscape! Find out more below.

UDIDs and Congress

UDIDs, more specifically, are a string of numbers unique to every Apple device that enable app developers and publishers to gather important analytics including, how many people have downloaded their app and in what capacity they are using the app. Additionally, developers can use UDID to grant access to specific users and devices during the all-important beta testing process. When used appropriately, these are great benefits of UDID and with the mobile app marketing flourishing right now, the analytics gained from UDID help to level the playing field.

Congress had privacy concerns, and rightfully so. With the growing popularity of social sharing apps and location based services, more and more apps are requesting access to your personal details. On many of these popular apps users demographic and location information, habits, and preferences are easily collected and the details sent to third party-sources for marketing purposes.

According to the App Store Review Guidelines, apps cannot transmit data about a user without obtaining the users prior permission and providing the user with access to information about how and where the data will be used.

Space Chimp has been closely following these developments. We have conducted extensive research into alternative solutions and are prepared to ensure that our advertisers can still actively track and target their campaigns driving app downloads on iOS devices.

Moving Forward: How to Track Conversions on iOS Devices

Using the MAC address is the most widely accepted conversion tracking alternative being adopted by the industry right now. While this alternative may not be a long term solution, it does offer all of the same benefits previously afforded by the UDID.

To ensure that we are not 100% dependent upon MAC address and to assist in a smooth transition, Space Chimp is also working to provide additional alternatives, such as through an integrated browser experience, cookie tracking, and approaches using the iOS pasteboard.

Get in touch with us if you have concerns about tracking your app in the wake of Apples UDID decision and lets move into a more user-friendly, secure future together!

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