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KFC Bucket Meal

Why Marketing can’t be packaged up like a fast food meal

If I were to tell you that your business is in no way different than any other business and could be packaged up and sold for the same price as your competitors you would probably get very offended right? This then bares the question, if this is the case then why as business owners do we NOT get offended when we are confronted with marketing packages that in essence assume this very thing, that our business is no different than any other?

Please don’t get me wrong, I am in no way passing judgement here. In fact, I myself have been taken down this rabbit hole of buying and selling marketing packages in the past. However, I am going to let you in on a little secret that marketing companies try to keep quiet, marketing packages simply don’t work that well. Now, this isn’t to say that certain marketing services can’t be packaged up and sold at different prices for different levels of services; that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The point that I am making reflects on when a marketing company provides to you these marketing programs to choose from with a number of different services packaged inside. For example, without naming names, local marketing companies tend to do this a great deal and so do mobile app marketing companies. They put an entire six month marketing program which includes advertising, social media, SEO, Email marketing, and more into one nice neat package.

The reason that this doesn’t work is due to the fact that there are a number of factors which make your business marketing needs different from other businesses and even different then your direct competitors, and marketing packages don’t take these unique factors into consideration.

Why Marketing Packages Don’t Work:

  1. Budget – Every companies budget is different. You need the most optimal marketing mix to ensure you leverage your budget as best as possible. Budgets are based on revenue or profit (the most accurate way to determine what you should spend on marketing).
  2. Differences in Business Resources –  Every business is good at one thing more than the other. Business resources could be anything from proprietary software to employee resources. Custom marketing packages take this into consideration where packaged plans don’t.
  3. Marketing Variables – Your business may need more or less services within each marketing channel. These variables simply can’t be considered within three different packaged deals that includes 6 or more services.
  4. Lack of Creativity – Just because every marketing company is offering the same thing, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t an “out of the box” solution that could provide you a better reach, message or ROI.
  5. Dedicated Account Managers – This isn’t valid for every company but often when you buy a marketing package over the internet like it were a pair of shoes you simply don’t get the customer service you deserve.
  6. No Competitive Advantage – Its important to be able to compete in the market place. However, if you and all your competitors are doing the same thing its hard to come out on top.

The Right Way to Market Your Business

The truth is that marketing packages are a new phenomenon that came with the new age of the internet where companies could do quick transactions online. At some point business men like you and I got duped into thinking that we could purchase marketing like we were buying a pair of shoes from Therefore, if we know that marketing packages don’t work than it only makes sense to execute custom marketing strategies that meet your exact business needs while at the same time leveraging your budget to ensure you get the highest ROI from your chosen marketing agency. It’s also important to point out the custom marketing plans are far more creative in nature which will help your company stand out from the pack and with competition being so stiff online today this is of the utmost importance.

Therefore, lets try to make a conscious effort to be aware of what type of marketing services we can buy and drive value for our organization and what marketing services are going to fall flat. Perhaps if we collectively make an effort marketing agencies will begin to realize the error of there ways and start to use there expertise to provide optimal marketing services for their clients.

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