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If you’re online as much as every other person on the planet, you’ve probably noticed hundreds of sites on the web to get hot (and not so hot) deals on everything from restaurant dinners to laptops. In this digital age, businesses have to find new ways to compete for lower prices and the customers attention. Though some sites brag about lowest prices or amazing online deals, their pitch may not always be true. On the other hand, there are a few sites on the Web that have offers so low that there are truly hard to believe. So do get the best deal bidding solo?  Invite your friends for a group share? Buy new, used, or refurbished? It all depends on what you’re looking for. Here is a list of a few sites where consumers can find the lowest prices on the Web, if you play the game accordingly.


EBay has been around for some time and has traditionally been used as an auction site for used items. However, EBay stores are popping up left and right that offer new goods at incredibly low prices, sometimes in small batches so you have to get while the getting is good. Heres a tip: Don’t assume that every new item you find on an EBay store is the cheapest. Check out other online stores like Amazon before you buy from EBay – bulk items might also be available elsewhere for cheaper and with other perks like free shipping.


Like EBay, Quibids is a bidding wars site that lets customers buy new things via Quibids credits. You’ll frequently see brand new MacBook at under $40 with seconds left to go. Heres the catch: the auctions never end until people stop bidding, so even though you see the timer down to 30 seconds, it might have been that way for hours. Also, what you bid, you spend. Unlike EBay where only the winning bidder has to pay, everyone who bids pays on Quibids. Tip: search Quibids during the wee hours of the morning when less people are bidding, and bid on credits first to save some money by buying money at a discount.


You can find everything under the sun on, sometimes for free. Craigslist is an online classified section that takes middle man prices out of the purchase, which means you can usually find the best deals on used stuff from Craigslist. Only problem is, with the middle man gone there is no guarantee that what you buy from Joe Schmoe when you meet him in the H.E.B. parking lot might be a complete piece of junk. Tip: when buying something from craigslist, meet the buyer at their home if you can. If they know that you know where they live, they’ll be less likely to rip you off.

You’ve probably seen dozens of deals sites pop up here and there that your social friends are joining, and is one of them. You can find get a carwash, personal massage and every other type of service or product for 50-90% off. How this works is Crowdsavings deals with local industries to give an incredible one time only discount, mainly just for advertising purposes to spread the word about the industry. But if the deal is too good to be true, itll be gone before you know about it. Tip: follow these deal sites on Twitter, email and Facebook to make sure you get instantly notified on the best deals they have before they’re gone.

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