Defining Appropriate Goals for Your Marketing Campaign

Goals - 1,2,3Setting appropriate goals for your business is imperative. It helps create a clear vision. This  vision can help you steer the company to greatness if done right. If done wrong on the other hand, your business can quickly fall into obscurity. Most business owners have a passion for what they are building but don’t know how to set goals that turn their company into a lasting great organization that can be the building blocks to sustain the organization over time.

Clear goals are imperative for all segments of your business. However, they are a necessity for the marketing team or marketing agency you hire. Without clear goals there is no way for the marketer to determine how he will be able to drive the results necessary to achieve them. Thus, it is imperative for all CEOs to understand how to create appropriate goals that will drive there organization to be a great one.

There are four common mistakes I often see when I ask a company for there corporate goals. The following is a set of fundamental principles that can help you build the right goals for any organization. No matter the industry or size of the company.

Be Specific

Be as clear and specific as you can be with your goals. For example, we often see things like “We want to generate more traffic from Social Media”. I think we can all agree that driving more traffic from social media is a noble goal. However, its not specific enough to wrap a marketing campaign around or to rally your employees to a clear and decisive conclusion. A more appropriate goal would be “We want to generate 10,000 more visits a month from social media channels”. See how such a small change gives a clear scope of what we need to accomplish? The more clear you can be the better for everyone in the organization which brings me to my next point.

Example: We want to generate awareness online

Make them Measurable

Make your goals measurable. If your goals can’t be measured how will you know if you have achieved them. Creating unachievable or unmeasurable results can be both maddening for you and your employees. Everyone has a desire for purpose and achievement. Being able to measure your success and progress is an integral tool in both motivating your employees and achieving desired outcomes. If your goals can’t be measured your most likely not focusing on the right goals. Also, take your time and make sure you are measuring the right metrics. Often times deep insights into what metrics you are tracking instead of how you are tracking is often the times the difference between good companies and great companies. Many companies that are leaders in there industry are simply great because they understand what metrics are truly important to drive push to drive growth and success.

Example: We want more happy clients

Be Realistic

Like any product or marketing launch, you can plan until you’re blue in the face but until you start testing and getting feedback you’ll never know if you are headed down the right path. Therefore, its important to have goals that  are realistic to achieve. This doesn’t mean you should’nt strive to achieve greatness. It just means to be clear as to why you are choosing the goals you are settling on. You should be confident you are making these decisions on fact and deep analysis. Picking numbers out of there air will most likely set you up for disappointment and will demoralize your staff.

Example: New startup wants 1 million users in a month with a minimal budget

Make Slow and Steady Pushes

There are few organizations that were built overnight or that saw success from one big initiative. Many successful organization don’t even know they are achieving such profound greatness until it has past them. For this reason, you should have a mind set of slow, steady pushes forward. Set a realistic goal and then build upon it. Before you know it success will start building. Each year or month you will see it building faster and faster, until in the end you are behind the steering wheel of a humming engine of business perfection.

Example: This cool/hip new marketing campaign is going to make us the next big thing

If you follow these principles set forth, you will find yourself with more motivated employees, a clear understanding of your corporate strategy, and most importantly a business that is moving in a positive direction.

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