How to Design an Investor Pitch Deck

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No matter what design or software you use, your investor pitch is ultimately about your company’s product, vision, and your team’s execution. Building a pitch deck is an accessible way to convey your company’s vision and product to a large audience and gain online buzz. For this reason, when designing your pitch deck, you must aim to get investors hungry for more.

Tips for Designing an Investor Pitch Deck

Overall your pitch deck should have a crisp appearance and flow and be complete in its delivery. To build a crisp message for your pitch deck, you must create easily digestible content. In addition, your message must be succinct and straightforward. No one likes to be fed exaggerations or incomplete dreams of companies. These guidelines are the same, regardless of media (email, in person, online, etc.).

Sticking to these rules, your pitch deck should convey your company’s vision and current traction, which are the two key points investors want to take away from your presentation.

5 Core Themes

  1. Have a great one-liner. You should try to summarize your company’s product and vision, along with your company’s purpose and starting point, ideally in one sentence.
  2. Know your audience. Consider the following questions: Who are you meeting?, What is their company’s focus?, Are there related investments?, How much time do you have?
  3. Keep your pitch deck to 10-15 slides. Conversation is more important than the design of the pitch deck. Budget your time to ensure your message comes across.
  4. Beware of the demo. Early-stage companies are all about product exhibitions to prove market validation.
  • 4 Rules:
  • Be careful of time.
  • Don’t get lost in the product.
  • Have a back-up.
  • Give even weight to product and data.

5. Expect your pitch deck to be shared! For this reason, you should have compelling content in your pitch deck. Need to tell a story. Don’t rely on builds or design of the pitch deck. Make the pitch deck a manageable size for email and sharing. Save a PDF copy of your pitch deck or a secure URL.

Suggested Structure

Big Idea: expanded one-liner or your company’s big vision.

The Team: investor wants to know why your team is the best solution to this market concern. Make sure to include your team members,  relevant experience, bios, investors, management team, division of responsibilities, etc.

The Market & Opportunity: clarify the current problem and how you provide the solution. Also, explain why we need this product/ service now. At this point you can mention how big your market is, how big your company can potentially be, what value your company brings, and how your vision is realistic.

Product & Traction: here you want to describe how your product is resonating with your target market. And if your market is responding, is it trending in the right direction? Also, focus on how you plan to further engage your audience. Traction can be shown or measured through acquisition rates, usage, retention, etc.

The Future: what is next for your company? Outline a 12-24 month plan of action for your company to present investors with. From this outline, you should include details on product development, performance measures, marketing campaigns, and finances.

The Ask: Last, but definitely not least, is “the ask.” This is the point where you directly ask want you currently want from this potential investment.

  • What size investment are you looking for?
  • How far will this investment get you on your plan?
  • How will your company spend this investment?
  • What are your goals before raising another investment?
  • How else can the investors help your company?

This general guideline should provide an informed starting point for your company’s investor pitch deck design. While a beautifully designed pitch deck might get your company some attention, your company’s investor pitch deck should focus on conveying your company purpose. Not only should this story be prevalent within your investor pitch, but you should also provide interesting content for you to pique an investor’s interest.

Have any more tips on crafting an investor pitch deck?

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