Don’t Waste Your Money on Cheap Logo Design

If you have ever been part of a rebranding you know how much work it is and how expensive it can be for your company. That’s why I’m not surprised at all about the current proliferation of cheap logo and branding design. As the CEO of a marketing agency I was curious as to what a cheap logo actually will get me? Is there any value to spending $5 or $50 on a logo? I thought, maybe it will help generate some additional concepts for our artist at the least. So I set out on a journey to buy some cheap logos and see what I got back. Since we were currently redesigning our company logo I asked the contracted logo designers to design a logo for Space Chimp. The results were so laughable I was compelled to share with the rest of the world.

Space Chimp recently reimagined its logo. Using our expert branding designers we set out on our own journey to enhance our brand so that it matches our vision for the future.

The Little Secret Behind Cheap Logo Design

Its actually pretty simple. These design companies have hundreds of logo templates they use to design your logo. The thing is, this actually somewhat works if you are a traditional business like a plumber, restaurant, pool cleaning, etc. But if you have any eye for design you will easily see that your logo will have no character and may not represent the essence of your company. Furthermore, you will find that the designer won’t listen to your logo requirements simply because they can’t. They simply open one of there logo templates and type in your company name and send you the files. For example, in our experiment we asked for a chimp to be included. If you look below there is no logo with a chimp except for the last example which is actually a screen shot from a movie. In fact there is one example with an airplane. I’m sure you asked yourself the same thing we did. What does an airplane have to do with our company?

What if I Can’t Afford to Hire a Professional Agency

My suggestion is to go to and start contacting designers until you can find someone that can help you out. The great thing with Dribbble is that it is a community of only the best designers so you know you are going to get a quality product in the end.

The Effect of Cheap Logo Design

As you will see below cheap prices usually means you get back a cheap product. We highly suggest you stay away from cheap logo design. Your logo is the face of your brand. If your customers perceive your logo as cheap, that signals to them that your products or services are cheap as well. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for failure. Its worth getting the job done right the first time.

Professional Designers

Cheap Designer 1

Cheap Designer 2

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