Facebook Introduces Major Changes – Everybody Panic!

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, the most populated social network in this particular arm of the Milky Way Galaxy announced major changes intended to make sharing and connecting with people even more in-depth and effortless. Naturally, these changes do not affect people who aren’t using Facebook, but no one really cares about those sad, backward people who should probably just bent sent off to toil away in work camps anyway.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the two major changes:

1. Enhanced Open Graph Sharing Abilities
Enhancements to the Open Graph Protocol will not only let you LIKE things that you see around the web, but will actually let you share what you are doing in real time. Example: When listening to a song in Spotify, you won’t simply LIKE the song – Frank LIKES Crazy by Patsy Cline – your activity will automatically be streamed to your Facebook page – Frank is listening to Crazy by Patsy Cline. Then, when someone sees this status update pop up they can click it, and start listening to Crazy by Patsy Cline at the same time…essentially, listening to the song with you.

This new ability offered by the Open Graph opens up a many ways in which apps and media companies can let you share what you are doing. If you’re a jogger, your Nike+ app can let people know that you are doing your favorite run through Central Park RIGHT NOW. Your friends will see that you are watching Hobo With a Shotgun on Netflix RIGHT NOW. It will be interesting to see how creative companies get with leveraging Open Graph for sharing.

2. Profile Timeline
Your new Facebook profile page will now be mini-time machine of your life that you and others can use to travel back to your first baby steps into the social network. The timeline allows you to build a profile page that gives people a better, and quicker, representation of who you are. One way it does this is by minimizing your profile picture, but giving you a huge chunk of real estate at the very top of the page where you can put whatever image or video you want. This, basically, works as the cover art to the story of your life.*

In a nutshell, that’s it. Until Facebook rolls these changes out to the masses all we can do is speculate and dream about how well, or not-so-well, these new features are going to work for us. And the question remains for us marketing folk: What about pages? While the changes to the personal side of Facebook certainly opens up a ton of great ways for people to more easily share and build buzz about your brand, how exactly do pages work into the new landscape?

Expect an update from the Space Chimp gang once the new Facebook drops. In the mean time, we have to get back to work. This foosball table isn’t going to play itself.

* BOOM! Now, That’s some writing. THAT’s how you do it, people. Poetic! Let’s bathe in that a bit longer: the cover art to the story of your life. I’m beginning to weep.

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