Generate Buzz with Your PR Campaign

Everyone wants to generate buzz about their business, new product or new marketing campaign. However, few actually know how to get it. Some would argue that getting people to talk about you is random and you can’t control it. I would like to politely disagree. There is definitely a formula to generating buzz, you just need the drive, creativity, and know how to pull it off.

What is Buzz?

Buzz is NOT guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing is a way to generate buzz but there are a number of other ways to generate buzz without using guerilla based techniques. Buzz IS getting people to talk about you around the water cooler, with family, friends, and on social networks.

How Do You Generate Buzz?

The answer to getting people to talk about your brand is quite simple. As Bonnie Raitt would say, “Give Them Something to Talk About”. What I’m trying to say is you need to give people a pre-packaged story which can easily be talked about with others.

So how do you do it? It sounds hard right? Humans are complicated people. How can there be a formula that can get people talking? The concept is quite simple. People want to be entertained and want to entertain others.

Time and time again these six things push peoples buttons and start conversations.

The Six Buttons of Buzz

  1. The taboo
  2. The unusual
  3. The outrageous
  4. The hilarious
  5. The remarkable
  6. The secrets (Example: The limited release of Gmail.)

Coming Up with The Big Idea

The ability to come up with a great idea is much more about your desire to come up with a great idea than it is about how creative you are. If your livelihood and the livelihood of your employees and there families are on the line I guarantee you’ll come up with a great workable campaign that will get people talking. Stay on message, convey the values of your brand, and push yourself to do something great and I guarantee people will start talking about your company.

Don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself? Hire Space Chimp for your PR Managment and Buzz Marketing needs.

Stay tuned. Next week I will be writing about how you can capture media attention.

What are some great buzz campaigns companies have created in the past?

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