How The Internet Has Changed Branding Design

Famous Logos/IconsThe Internet changed the way people do business, and it will continue to impact commerce as new business models emerge daily. Companies briefly flicker to life on the Internet and then just as quickly they are gone forever. It is easy to create an online presence for business, but very hard to stand out from the crowd. A business only gets one chance to catch the attention of consumers, so decisions about branding design merit careful consideration.

What is a Brand

A brand is not just a name or a logo, but an overall perception of a product created by many factors including the customer’s personal experience.

Here is a list of things to consider when designing a brand.

1. Choose a name that is memorable and reflects the product line. It can have funny spellings or be a play on words, but bad choices in these areas are quickly noticed by the public.

2. Have a logo created that stands out and is easily recognizable by the public. It’s important to have a logo that is easy to read.

3. Choose colors for the design that best reflect the product, but be aware that colors on the Internet are different from those available in packaging.

4. Quality is a big part of a brand. It is quality that keeps customers coming back again and again.

5. Customer service is very important to the brand. The customer’s personal experience will hinge on the level of service they receive. When something goes wrong, the company must make a great effort to correct the problem on behalf of the customer in order to build brand loyalty.

How the Internet Affects Brand Design

Every company must consider how their brand will perform on the Internet. People shop in a different manner on the Internet than in person and the brand design needs to reflect this fact. Here are some ways the Internet affects shopping and brand design.

1. A great deal more research goes into buying a product. It is a good idea to ensure there are informative and positive things on the Internet about your brand.

2. The initial contact with a customer is through the company website. There is no sales force to help your business. Testimonials and things of that nature mean very little since they are easy to fake. Therefore, the company website must represent the brand well and be easy for customers to use.

3. Creating a community around your brand is the best method of increasing customer loyalty and repeat business. This requires a level of transparency many businesses are uncomfortable with.

Companies must make use of social media and the many promotional opportunities that exist on the Internet and the mobile web. Successful brands will be the ones most closely associated with imparting value to their customers. Therefore, branding design must somehow incorporate this element into the public perception of the company.

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What are some other affects the internet has had on branding?

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