How to Capture The Attention of The Media

Learn how expert marketers ensure that your brand gets media coverage every time.

Garnering media attention for your business is an important part of establishing a market position and getting customers to recognize your company.  There are two main reasons why you want to get covered in the media. First, the media is often considered to be the “fourth estate” due to its ability to keep politicians and corporations in check. This built in credibility creates trust amongst the publications readership. Secondly, people that buy magazines or newspapers buy it to read the articles not the ads. Therefore, it already has a built in customer base. A high volume of engaged readers (potential customers) plus credibility equals your brands amplification in the market place.

How Much More Success Can I Expect with Media Coverage

Research shows that news articles are 6 times more likely to be read than an advertisement. This is obviously a powerful statistic. If I can get 6 times more success with a news article why should I even advertise? Well, sustaining press coverage overtime is quite a bit more difficult than buying some ad space on a website or billboard. However, driving buzz through media and integrating that with a well thought out advertising plan is like rocket fuel to your bottom line. Capturing the attention of the media is valuable but marketing plus media is priceless.

Knowing what motivates publications to choose one story over the next is the first step to success. The answer is actually quite simple if you think about. Just like you and I we are in business to make money. Publications are no different. They need to sell newspapers or subscriptions so it is understandable that they are going to print stories that move their product off the shelves. Deliver a ready made story that is going to sell newspapers and your on the road to capturing media attention. Below are the five most written storylines written today. Therefore, it should be your goal to provide the media with one of these stories.

The Five Most Frequently Written Stories

  1. The David-and-Goliath story
  2. The unusual or outrageous story
  3. The controversy story
  4. The celebrity story
  5. What’s already hot in the media
Traditionally PR Outreach and marketing were kept separate but with the new age of information sharing the lines of marketing increasingly becoming blurred. Remember publications already have a readership and is a credible source of information. Coverage within the media thus gives your brand credibility and drives buzz which in turn makes all of your marketing efforts more succesful.

What are some other ways to ensure your story gets picked up in the media?

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