How to Find Your Voice in Social Media Marketing

Its hard even for social media experts to find a voice for clients brands sometimes, so its not hard to see why so many businesses can’t find a way to authentically connect with their customers. The first impulse for everyone seems to be “go whacky”. People love whacky, zanny stuff on Facebook right? Well, even though that is true, often times it just doesn’t fit for some brands. For example, if you’re in the security, medical, finance, or law industry it simply doesn’t make sense to post whacky pictures.

People need have trust and respect for their doctor or lawyer. Thus, nothing kills your customers trust like a crazy picture of a guy on bike with a bunch of birds on their head. On other hand, just because you conduct business in a serious industry, it doesn’t mean you need to be void of any emotion. The fact is there a unique balance that needs to take place. Often times finding the right voice takes time, careful testing and some broad insight.

Understand Your Company Culture

The first step is to understand your company culture. If you’re corporate culture is mellow you should converse much differently than if your company is very serious and an authority in the market. Furthermore, the type of content you post should reflect this company culture as well.

Determine Your Goals

Early on you should determine what your goals for social media are. Do you want to drive more traffic to your site? Do you want to build brand loyalty? Do you want to use it for customer service activities. Whatever you goals are you should formulate a strategy that helps you meet your goals. For example, if you goal is to get people back to your site, think of clever ways of posting content from your site or directing people back to your site to take action. Be especially sensible with your Facebook marketing goals. Your customers are bombarded with content everyday. And the last thing they need is random off the wall posts from a business. Don’t worry about trying to get every post to go viral. Create great content and the rest will come.

Converse with Your Community

Often times your corporate voice and content is dictated by your customers. Talk to them. Ask them questions. Often times your communities voice may be slightly different on different sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The great thing about social media is you get to talk with your customers in a way that you can’t do with traditional TV and print so its important to utilize them. What is the overall tone you are getting from your customers? What content do they gravitate towards more?

Listen to Your Audience

The number one thing I tell all my clients pertaining to social media, is to always be asking questions. What I don’t always tell them though is that you then need to listen to what you’re customers have to say. Just like in a traditional one on one conversation, if you aren’t listening to the other person the conversation just won’t be that engaging. Furthermore, you’ll never be able to learn from your anyone if you are too one way with your conversations. Let your customers be your guide to you voice.

Be Consistent

Lastly, be consistent. Once you have found your voice stick with it. It is often times easy to get distracted. Especially on social media. If you are inconsistent with your voice then you might as well not have a voice at all. Consistency breeds loyalty and creates a sense of trust with your customers. However, this doesn’t mean never to try new things. But it also doesn’t mean to post random stuff because you can’t think of anything to say.

In the end, don’t over think it. Social Media is a way to have a conversation with your customers. Try to talk to them like they were standing right in front of you. Use typical social boundaries to guide your way. Ask yourself, if  I was having a normal conversation today what would I say? And remember nobody wants to be friends with the boring guy or gal so be interesting.

What are some other clever ways you can find your voice on Social Media?

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