How to Get Customers to Leave Reviews for Your Mobile App

If you’re an app developer you probably are aware that the more reviews your app gets the higher your rankings will be within the app store. Also, reviews are a strong confidence signal to mobile users trying to decide whether they should download your app or your competitors. Thus, it is obvious to say that it is imperative to put together a review strategy no matter at what point you are in the life cycle of your app. The mobile app team at Space Chimp have put together three ways in which you can get reviews for your app. It is up to you to decide the mix of your review strategy to meet your needs.

3 Ways to Get Reviews for You Mobile App

1. Integrate Review Submission within Your App

If you want to get reviews from your customers. Why don’t you ask them to leave a review while they are using the app? You can either serve them a prompt at some point during usage or simply leave a link to your app store listing. How you integrate the ability for your customers to leave reviews is up to your designers and developers. actually provides you with a promotional software that you can integrate into your app. However, this solution only allows users to leave reviews on Chomp and will not help your app rankings. The best part about this solution is you are reminding them when they are actually using your app. Therefore, your suggestion is going to be the most affective at this time. Let’s just hope they are having a positive experience… which brings me to my next point.

2. Build a Great App

Even though this is number two on our list and probably should be number one; this is a no brainer. If you build an app that people love and want to share and talk about, you are going to get more reviews than you know what to do with. Adversely, if you build a boring app that has no value and the UI sucks,you are either going to get bad reviews or your app is going to get deleted in about 10 seconds. Be innovative, be nimble, and be affective.

3. Purchase them on

¬† is a market place in which you can buy services from sellers for $5. We find this is a super cost affective way to ensure you get app reviews while at the same time getting downloads for your app. We must note that this should be a last resort after you integrate review submissions within your app and build an app that people actually want to review. As you can imagine $500 + 15% management fee for 100 reviews is an incredible deal we think and generates a hefty ROI in the long. We’ve found that buy doing some boost advertising while rolling out a paid review campaign can easily get your app in to the top 50 – 25 in any subcategory.

Example Listing:

How To Maintain Overall Positive Reviews

Before you implement our suggestions and start getting a ton of reviews you should probably understand why users leave reviews and how to keep them net positive. I say net positive because as hard as you try you are always going to have one person who downloaded your app that is just angry at the world for some reason and feels like they need to take it out on you.

Mobile users leave reviews for four reasons:

  1. They Love the App.
  2. There is a glitch with the app.
  3. They don’t understand how to use part or all of the app.
  4. They completely loath your app.

Now that you know why customers leave reviews explaining how to keep them positive is much easier. The answer is quite simple.

  1. Stay up to date with what others are saying about your app as much as possible.
  2. Continue to innovate your app.
  3. Turnaround bug fixes quickly.
  4. Update your user base about new release via social media.
  5. Take your users suggestions into consideration when releasing new versions.

In the end the answer to your review woes are simple. Build a great app, give your customers a platform to give you feedback, and listen to what they have to say.

Do you know of any other ways developers can get downloads for their app? Help us out and leave a comment below.

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