How to Roll Out a Digital Marketing Campaign?

confused business guyRolling out a digital marketing campaign strategy can be a tricky prospect. There are alot of moving parts and often times you have one chance for success. And, with peoples jobs on the line your success can often times make or break the company.

As a marketing expert you’re often times given a very broad goal like “generate more sales”. Obviously, there are an infinite number of ways of going about achieving such a feat. But, before you actually get started there is a lot of planning and analysis involved. In order to create a successful campaign you need to ensure that you not only have a winning campaign but that you can execute it and measure it properly.

In order for you to achieve such a task I have outlined some core pieces of information you will need to acquire to put together a wining marketing campaign that will make you the hero.

What’s Your Budget?

The obvious first step is to determine your budget. Your budget will be the confining element to your ideas. Remember a relatively small budget isn’t the end of the world. Try to think about how you can best use those ad dollars to create the highest impact. For great ideas on cost effective marketing read “Buzz Marketing” by Mark Hughes or “Guerilla Marketing” by Jason Conrad.

Define Your Goals

Be as clear and concise as you can. The more clear and targeted your goal the easier it will be to create a plan to achieve them.

Who is Your Target Audience

Often times you can find this information through internal data like customer profiles. Compile a spreadsheet of your customer demographics to get a view of your target audience. Once you have defined your demographic groups give them a persona. The better the persona the easier it will be to come up with a creative campaign that they will like.

Where Do they Hang Out

Where does your target demographic hang out online? What websites are they most likely to frequently traffic. Determining this information will give you marketing channels for distribution of your message.


OK. So you’ve defined your audience, goals, and budget. Now how do you reach them. In this step you need to get the creative juices flowing. Brainstorm individually and collectively with your team for the best results. Remember online the main challenge is to break through the noise and confusion. Come up with ideas that are going to help you stand out from the crowd. What is going to get your customers to stop and listen to you?

Craft A Message

This step often happens as you brainstorm but can often be refined later. What is it that you want your customers to know about your company that is going to get them to purchase or pick up the phone and call? What is so unique about your company? Your marketing message needs to emphasize these points. It doesn’t have to be in a literal sense but at least covertly you should be creating content that represents the benefits of your company and touches on the problems you solve. Even if your company is all about making people look cool. Then your campaign message should some how say, “Hey, we’re the coolest thing on planet earth”. And if you don’t shop with us than you just not cool. Simple as that.

Make it Buzzworthy

Like I said you need to break through the clutter. What is going to get people to share, link, and talk about your campaign. The great thing about digital marketing is the easy proliferation of word-of-mouth around content like videos, graphics, and other content.

Create a Timeline

Now you will need to create a timeline outlining all the different items that need to be executed throughout the campaign. Distribute this timeline to team members via project management or some other type of collaboration tool.

Setup Your Campaign

This is the final step of the marketing campaign roll out. Here you need to determine how you will measure your results and implement tracking. Also, you will need to put together all graphical and video assets prior to the campaign as best as you can. The worse thing that could happen is be in the middle of a campaign and and be running behind on marketing collateral. Lastly, I recommend that you schedule and write all your social media posts for the campaign. This will ensure that you can focus your time on conversing with your community and others in the social media universe.

Typical Setup Items

  1. Graphic Assets
  2. Social Media
  3. Measurement and reporting
  4. Video
  5. Copwriting
  6. Tweets and Posts
  7. Lead capture funnel

Now its time to execute. Like I said project management and communication will be your best friend. Collaborate and lean on your team for help. If you’re going it alone make sure you plan out as much as possible to ensure there are the least amount of unforseen hurdles thrown in your path throughout the campaign. Often times there is no planning that can overcome the many things that will be thrown at you so be prepared to overcome many challenges.

What are some other important aspects of planning and rolling out  a marketing campaign?

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