Information Sharing: Why It’s A Good Business Idea

Have you noticed how big companies have added blogs to their websites? If you’re a small business you may be wondering why these business, such as Dell, 37 Signals and Freshbook, would give away business tips for free. It may seem contradictory, but information sharing in our digital age is not only becoming more important, but is recommended as the best way to gain an online presence. With the Hummingbird update last September, Google has shifted the focus of their search algorithm to focus on relevant content rather than keywords, changing the way websites rank on Google searches for targeted keywords. So how do businesses create relevant content and is it really OK to share your business ideas?

To fully understand how sharing information can help your business, lets debunk some common myths on the subject.

5 Common Myths About Knowledge Sharing

1. Competitors will copy or steal your business ideas.

This is a common misconception about information sharing. Direct competitors, especially with the Internet, can constantly monitor your online activity and already have the chance to steal business ideas from you, regardless of your company having a blog. If companies do copy your ideas, that doesn’t mean you’ve been tapped out of ideas and it doesn’t mean they can execute them the same way. Plus, they just reinforced your idea and proven that it works. Remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

2. My company lose competitive edge by knowledge sharing.

With the ever-changing online activity, companies should maintain competitive edge by consistently appealing to their market in innovative ways. No one-trick ponies here! To remain relevant online, your company or brand must be active online. The most effective online activity being blogging and active social media profiles.

3. We risk giving away our best stuff for free!

As previous mentioned, innovation is the name of the online game. Even if you share your business idea on your blog, you should always share ideas that are proven and relevant. If you have a great marketing idea for your brand, you shouldn’t just share your idea on the Internet, you should implement this idea into your business, and if it truly is an effective technique then you should write a blog about. Not only will it attract an audience, but it will build your online presence as you gain a more authoritative voice on the subject.

4. My business will lose brand recognition.

This myth is totally false. Information sharing will actually increase brand awareness. With online usage growing globally, we now live in age of sharing. It is even more important now with Google’s Hummingbird update. Creating and sharing relevant content with your users is the way to raise your online presence and generate online sales leads.

5. My brand will lose money, as other companies follow our business ideas and flood the market.

You always need to stay fresh! That has always been true in marketing and advertising, but it is even more significant to remain active and useful to your customers. Even if your competitors are following your business tricks, it shouldn’t mean you should give up. Keep on giving them goods, it means your company has established itself as an industry leader! Your brand is still going to remain at the forefront of the industry, just remember to effectively credit yourself.

Not matter how you see it, information sharing is a good business idea. In today’s online-obsessed world, you need to be active online and the best way to do that is to share what you know.

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