How to Keep a Creative Work Environment in 5 Steps

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Work environment can have a great affect on a person’s mood and productivity while on the job. It’s tough to stay consistent, especially in creative work and keeping employee engagement means money for your business. For this reason, keeping a creative work environment is crucial for business; because happy employees return great work.


1. Provide Open Space

In order to get the creative juices flowing, employees need an inviting work space. Open spaces tend to provide better work spaces, as people feel less confined and more willing to fill up the space for themselves. Also, be sure to provide some sunlight and brightness into the office with big windows. People perform better with natural lighting. Lack of exposure to sunlight results in poor memory, disturbs sleep patterns and reduces productivity (Spire Health). Color is another important factor in keeping a happy work environment. Drab gray offices kill the spirit, brighten up your office with bright, lively colors. Nothing distracting but choose colors that makes the room feel open and warm.

2. Open Communication

For your team to stay in sync and working, you must provide and promote open communication. Nothing can make work relations sour faster than poor communication. Schedule quick daily or weekly stand-up meetings for your employees to share what they’re currently working on with the rest of the team. Be sure to advocate for employee communication. Employees who feel like they are listened to and heard, feel like they’re appreciated and valued. Make sure your employees are sharing ideas and you sustain an environment that supports healthy communication.

3. Breaks are Important!

People will get stir crazy just sitting in front of the computer all day, provide an area where people feel like they can rest and hangout at work. To stay productive, people should work in short sprints and rest to restore mental effort and focus. Bosses should also encourage having a good work/life balance to relieve pressure from employees and ensure their employees are rested and happy.

4. Have Some Food Around

Working brains need food! People tend to be less productive when they’re hungry. Having healthy snacks and beverages stocked in your office will replenish your staff and keep them happy. Plus, if you leave food around, some employees might take the opportunity to stay in the office for lunch. Having food around will also help in establishing a welcoming place where employees feel they can relax and socialize with their co-workers.

5. Encourage Professional Development

Challenge your team to progress and grow with the company. Promote professional development by communicating the future of your business with your employees. Let them know what their role is and means to the future of the business. Incite creativity and inspire your employees by keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Have any other tips on keeping a creative work environment? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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