Our Horrible Jingle and Logo

For the low-low price of $20 you can get your own horrible jingle and logo from HorribleLogos.com.

With our clean, classy, established logo, why would Space Chimp (APPSPIRE.me’s parent company) pay anything for the trash you see (and hear) here? We’ve gotta tell you the truth, we did it for the links. Not just the click-through that we hope to get from other people browsing HorribleLogos.com, but for the increased traffic we get to our site from higher search rankings.

More links to your site means higher search rankings. You can also think of backlinks as votes to your site. The more votes the better. The higher the quality the vote, the bigger the impact will be on your site. This is a great example of how to buy links without getting in trouble with Google or Bing.

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