Pros and Cons of Integrated Marketing

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At Space Chimp we believe that Integrated Marketing is the best way to grow awareness and unify the messaging about your brand online. However, we understand that Integrated Marketing campaigns aren’t right for everyone. This blog post is to help business owners determine whether Integrated Marketing campaigns is right for them.

What is Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing – Strategically conveying the message of a marketing campaign across multiple marketing channels. The main goals of an integrated marketing campaign are to grow awareness, create a unity of messaging and developing a strong relationship with customers.

What Are Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels – a type of marketing medium that allows you to convey the message of your brand and promote your marketing initiatives. Example online marketing channels include: Social Media, Online Advertising, Video Channels, Email, etc..

Who is Integrated Marketing Right for

  1. Startups with a marketing budget.
  2. Companies with little or no previous marketing.
  3. Enterprise Businesses.
  4. Companies looking to launch a creative or complex marketing campaign.
  5. Companies looking to launch a media based marketing campaign.

Pros of Integrated Marketing

  1. Best way to guarantee success with your marketing campaign.
  2. More exposure than a traditional marketing campaign.
  3. Ensures your messaging stays consistent across the web.
  4. Great for creative marketing campaigns.
  5. Great for startups with little of no marketing (if you have the adequate budget).
  6. Best ROI for your marketing budget.

Cons of Integrated Marketing

  1. More expensive than a traditional marketing campaign.
  2. Sometimes overkill for some marketing objectives.
  3. A large number of resources needed to manage communications on multiple marketing channels.
  4. More planning needed to launch.
  5. A large number of complicated data points to determine success.
  6. Some marketing efforts hard to measure.
Still don’t know if Integrated Marketing is right for your company; leave a comment or ask questions below.
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