Results Driven Content

Web Content
Good text content for your website has changed much over the years, and has transformed into a dialogue that needs to be readable by computers and people to drive results. For instance, many people who own websites, e-commerce sites, or simple business sites assume that customers and web surfers are the only ones who will be reading the text on their site. They are wrong. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are constantly crawling your site looking for relevant keywords and other information, so they can rank it accordingly. What this means to site owners is that they need a website with content that is search engine friendly yet still engaging and legible to the general public.

SEO Driven Content

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the term used to define how effectively search engines will rank your site. If you own a candy store in Dallas Texas, and you type Candy Store Dallas Texas in Googles search box and your site doesnt show up for 3 or 4 pages, your SEO is not very good. SEO improvement is a multifaceted approach, and text is a big part of it. If your site doesnt rank well on Google, you may need some adjustments (major and minor) in your websites text.

Reader Driven Content

SEO-driven text can being boring, technical, and occasionally not even grammatically correct. It is not made for human beings, which makes it not very engaging to read. Aside from SEO content, your site will also need user-driven content, which speaks to your customers and encourages them to interact with your site. A balance of the two is a necessary element for any successful website.

What To Do

If you want your website to be as successful as it possibly can be, then you need to hire a team of experts to produce some highly effective SEO text for your site. Space Chimp specializes in SEO: we’ve gotten many of our clients to rank #1 for key terms that their customers are typing in to search for their business. SEO is a process, it doesn’t happen over night. Our team of professionals will conduct an extensive SEO audit of your site, analyze your target customer base, and rewrite the text on all avenues of your site to insure that it is up to maximum SEO potential. This, combined with one of our top-notch marketing campaigns, will make your website presence the best that it can be, and maximize results and revenue for your business.

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