So How Did we Come Up with The Name?

The name Space Chimp was dreamt up with former co-founder Clif Haley in a small office, as many companies names are. We needed a name that could be brandable, memorable, and was as creative as our teams ideas. We wanted a name that everyone would talk about and would never forget. We wanted to prove to our clients in less than 5 seconds that we are the #1 company for driving buzz and word-of-mouth online.

With this passion in our heart and desire for success we set out on a journey to come up with the greatest digital marketing agency name of all time.

Need help naming your company?

Step 1. What Does the Company Stand For

The name Space Chimp came from a desire to convey the dichotomy of what we believe is the core of our product offering. Our client’s business objectives are very complex, ever changing, and so are their customers. Our marketing services on the other hand seek to provide a clear concise path towards a resolution for these objectives in order to increase the value of our client’s businesses and make it better in whatever we have been tasked to accomplish. These two parallels compelled us to come up with a name that touched on this belief.

A Complex Objective (Space Travel) + Simple Solutions (Chimps) = Space Chimp

You see the chimp was able to out think the problem instead of over work himself to get the same outcome.

Step 2. Is the Domain Name Taken

If you’ve had the complete horror of trying to come up with a business name in the last five years you have probably hit the same road block as we did. You think of a great name, type it into Godaddy and quickly have your hopes dashed as soon as you hit enter. “Damn It!” The name has been take! But wait how can a name that isn’t even a real word be taken? Don’t feel bad it’s happened to all of us. We had probably 100 business names but all of the domains were taken. The fact is you can’t have a business without a website. Especially, if you are a digital agency such as us. Therefore, we started thinking of business names that might not be so obvious. This was just fine with us anyways since we wanted to be a creative company. We thought about every day. Bounced ideas off of another until we had that moment of Zen.

Step 3. Keep Working Until You Have the “Aha!” Moment

We understood that if you don’t love your business name, how are you going to love your business. Therefore, we persevered through it. It seemed as if it was forever. Then it happened. We finally had that “Aha!” moment that made us stop in our tracks and say “Wait a minute I think this it. I think we may have finally done it”. The name hits on all the message points we want to convey with our name.

1. Memorable
2. Brandable
3. Creative
4. Buzz-worthy
5. Represents our core values

You see, the idea for Space Chimp really started through an artistic vision I had for a video marketing campaign based on this same idea. The video idea, in short, went something like this: “A Monkey (Chimp) walks up to some raging rapids. He is faced with the task of crossing the river to get something from the other side. Money, Shiny New Bike, a Girl? Anyways, in order to cross the river he will need to construct a huge bridge which will take a ton of money and resources. The Chimp stops and thinks for a moment. He then takes a spicket he sees on the ground and drives it into the ground. He then turns the spicket off and the river immediately stops.

And that’s it folks. The rest is history. We high fived and got back to work. Next came numerous company meetings, website, legal work, business formation, marketing, and a lot of hard work that started it all.

What do you think? Do you like the name “Space Chimp”?

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