The Anatomy of a Well Designed Email Template

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If your like many email marketers, email is one of your most powerful marketing tools you have. But how do you take your email campaign to the next lever. Below we have provided a guide to email design and some notes on top-level best practices.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Responsive Design

Everyone wants there websites to be responsive so why aren’t your emails responsive? This is a must for the new mobile age in which we live. Did you know 41% of email is now opened on a mobile device?

Split Testing Emails

Create two versions for every email and then do a small blast to test groups. Once your email message is perfect – go ahead and blast to your larger audience. Sit back and watch your email marketing click throughs sore.

Landing Page Optimization

There are a number of conversion optimization tools you can use to optimize your website like Optimizely, CrazyEgg, and Qualaroo. Make sure you are getting the most out of your conversion funnel with these tools.

Anatomy of a Well-Designed Email

1. Logo


2. Social Media Icons

Always be building a community.

3. Supporting Image

Grab your readers attention with an awesome image.

4. Clear Value Proposition

Tell your reader what this email is about and why they need to click in less then 5 seconds

5. Dominant Call to Action

Don’t be shy. Tell your customers exactly what you want.

7. Supplemental Content

Upsell and engage when possible.

8. Contact Information

How can they get in touch?

9. Unsubscribe

Its a CAN-SPAM must

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What are some other elements to a great email design?

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