The Rise of Responsive Website Design: An Overview + Top 10 Showcase

Responsive Web DesignLet’s face it, mobile websites are just clunky and ugly. And, with the increased performance enhancements of smartphones and mobile browsers, loading a web page is not nerely as cumbersome as it was in the past. These innovations in smartphones along with enhancements in web design have created a new breed of website. A website that doesn’t require a separate face for mobile. These websites are called responsive websites.

What is a Responsive Website

In short, responsive websites gracefully size to the screen it is being viewed on. No, I’m not talking about zooming in and zooming out. The websites elements actually expand and contract in order to provide a tailored user experience.

Frameworks You Can Use to Build a Responsive Website

Top 10 Responsive Website Designs

Here is a list of the top 10 responsive websites you should check out before starting your first responsive web design project.

1.) Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine Best Responsive Web Design

2.) Boston Globe

Boston Globe Best Responsive Web Design

3.) Food Sense

Food Sense Best Responsive Web Design

4.) These Are Things

Responsive web design example These Are Things


Fundraise Best Responsive Web Design

6.) Tee Gallery

Tee Gallery Responsive Web Design

7.) Simon Collison

 Responsive web design example Simon Collison

8.) Earth Hour

Responsive web design example Earth Hour

9.) Evoke

Responsive web design example Café Evoke

10.) Fork

Responsive web design example Fork

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