The Truth Behind Mobile App Review Submissions

iphoneSo you have a fancy new iPhone, Android or Blackberry app that you’ve just developed, and like most hip developers you know that it takes a lot more than just developing the next big thing these day, to well… make it the next big thing. You start researching how to market your app and even call some mobile app marketing companies like Space Chimp to market your mobile app. Each company may have there own way of marketing your app but usually there are some common services you hear from each one. These services may include: optimizing your app description, writing press releases, reaching out to news publications, and finally submitting your app to app review sites and Youtube channels.

It is the art of “Submitting to App Review Sites” that I would like to discuss a little further. If there is one thing we at Space Chimp loath more than anything about the internet marketing community it is companies that make the online marketing industry seem like a bunch of fish oil salesmen.  This usually happens every couple of years or so when something like mobile apps catch on. A couple years ago it was SEO, then Social Media and now marketing companies are taking advantage of mobile app developers and I have a sneaking suspicion that there are a ton of app developers around the world that are getting ripped off by marketing companies trying to sell app review submission services.

You Want the Truth?…

I’d like to clear some things up real quick. App reviewers are not the charity workers of the online world. They are in business for the same reason we all are in business; to make some cold hard cash. Don’t get me wrong, there are app reviewers that want to do a review on your product because they love it so much, but I think I can speak for everyone here at Space Chimp that this seems like a one in a million opportunity. App reviewers get an overwhelming amount of app review submissions everyday and its simple human nature to want to review apps from companies that want to pay your for your time.

My point in making this clarification is simple, much like unpaid directory submissions has become less and less effective as demand grew, so has simply submitting your app to app review sites. I’m not in any way saying that “App Review Submissions” are worthless, I simply want to clarify that the value of the “App Review Submission” service is in acquiring the list of 100’s of contacts and the relationships marketing companies have with app reviewers; not the fact that they submit your app.

The truth is that if a marketing company is submitting your app they should give you two prices for the service. One is the price in labor to submit your app and the second is the ad budget to pay the app reviewers for there services of getting the word out about your new app.

How Not to Get Ripped Off

1. A company that actually knows how to get your app included on app review sites should at some point discuss the fact that they will need some sort of ad budget to get you exposure.

2. Ask how many or what sites they can guarantee inclusion. If they can’t guarantee inclusion they are ripping you off. Simple as that.

3. If your app is being submitted to Youtube reviewers, ask how many estimated Youtube video views you can expect.

4. Ask if they will send you a report of the sites they submitted to and sites in which you got inclusion.

5. Ask how they will submit your app to reviewers. There are some best practices that should be followed which you can read more about on


In closing I just want to emphasize that “App Review Submissions” are an integral part of acquiring exposure for your company and to understand what people think about your offering. However, it is not the holly grail of mobile app marketing. At Space Chimp we believe in an integrated multi-channel approach that is going to take advantage of multiple segments of the online market place. So beware of marketing companies that focus on this service as the one of the best ways to make your app the next Angry Birds. Trust me when I say that there is much more to marketing your app than submitting it to blogs and Youtube Channels. To find out how to really get your app noticed contact the experts at Space Chimp.

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