Three Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media

Popular social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are not only a great way for you to stay in touch wit your custmoer base, buyt they provide other great benefits to your overall web presence.

Reputation Management

Monitoring chatter in social media allows you to quickly and easily address issues that may negatively impact your brands reputation. Legitimate issues can be resolved in plain sight so that others bear witness to your professionalism, and erroneous negative reviews can be dealt with before they get wide exposure. Securing your brand on official Facebook and Twitter pages also gives you a platform for discussion where you are in full control.

Word Of Mouth 2.0

With more than 750 Million people using Facebook, it alone provides a great level of exposure for your business. The average user on Facebook has 300 friends in their social circle that they routinely share information, recommendations, and news with. Having an active presence on Facebook is a great way to encourage people to share your message for you.

Community Involvement

Social media can work as a support system for your current newsletter program, offering additional information and it provides for customer feedback. Encourage people to follow your Facebook page for latest updates and news.

Being able to ask a question to your customers and get immediate feedback is a great benefit to business and it shows your community that you care about them. Asking How can we do X better? or What did you think of X event? keeps your customers involved.

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