Top 5 App Fails

ifart screenshotApps have become a major part of day to day life. If you can think of it, there is most likely an APP for it. However, where would the world be without those apps that make us think twice about why we downloaded them in the first place and question what the heck the developer was thinking when making this app. Bad app concepts and poor UI design most of the time come from bad planning or sticking with an idea even though deep down you know the idea sucks. That’s why its important to have a team of app marketing and UI gurus on your side. So, without further adieu, lets get this show on the road and count them down.

#5. Run,Tweet, Run!

I, personally, am a soup Nazi when it comes to who I follow on twitter, and apps like this one are the main reasons why. People post every second of every day about their feelings and who hurt them is not how I like to enjoy reading my feed, much less how far you ran today, just keep it off my twitter feed.

Run, Tweet, Run! sends a tweet for every mile/kilometer that you run! Twitter is meant to distribute news and provide engaging content not update the world every time you’ve decided to break a sweat.

#4 Snookify Me

I’m sorry I just don’t understand why anyone would feel the need to look like snookie. I personally thing snookiy looks better de-Snookifyed.

Well, in Snookify Me the end user gets to upload pics of there friends, family members, celebrities, pretty much whoever. Once your done getting all glammed up for the club you can post your images to Facebook or just save them to your phone. You can also send the image to the developers online! The real nail bitter is this app will set you back almost $2. Id rather flush that money down the toilet and call it a day than actually buy this app.

#3 Baby Shaker

This app made its debut on the apple market back in 2009. It didn’t last long at all. The app simply had an image of a crying baby on the screen and the end user would shake the phone until the baby stoped crying and died.

As a father of 2 children im sorry but this topic is something that should never be joked about.

#2 iPoo

I wont lie, from time to time I’ll read while on the john but an app that connects you with random people across the globe that are doing there business at the same time as you. No thanks!

This app lets you chat, share your location and collect foursquare style badges. Id rather keep my poop location to myself.

#1 ifart

Well if you dont know what kinda app this is, stop and read the name again. This app started the farting app madness and for that reason alone it should be rated the worst app ever. The fart app craze is the most annoying trend in app development. It is the go to crutch for app developers without any great ideas and with a little too much time on there hands. Some of these sounds actually made my wife gag and I’m not joking.

Well those are my Top Five Worst apps on the market today. Let me know what you think in the comments are section with some of your worst apps that you may have run into in a random app downloading haze.

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