Top Three Reasons Why Your Marketing Efforts Just Aren’t Working

So your marketing your business but you can’t seem to find a way to get new customers. You tried Facebook, you tried Google despite everyone telling you to stay away. You were told video ads are really effective so you even put together a slick video to advertise your business, but nothing seems to be working. You know your service or product is awesome and people would love what you do if they only knew about it.

When this happens what do you do?

Well, the first thing you need to do is to immediately stop throwing away money on advertising that isn’t effective. The next thing you need to do is evaluate your business and how it is connecting to your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Here are the three main reasons your marketing or advertising isn’t working.

#1 You don’t have a brand

This is the most important and often times the hardest issue to identify. I mean, to say “you don’t have a brand” is like saying your baby is ugly. But this is business and not a human being so its time to be truly objective. The first tell tale sign your in trouble is you never actually made any particular effort to build a brand. Let’s be clear, there is a difference between a business and a brand. A brand actually takes a conscious effort to build. A brand is more then a logo but that’s an entirely different blog.

Here’s some questions you should ask yourself.

1. Do I have a modern logo?

2. Is my brand consistent across print, advertising, web?

3. Is my brand modern?

4. Are my brand assets up to the standard of my competitors?

Let’s face it, the web has given consumers immense power in their purchasing decisions. At an instant, you can check the prices, social media, advocacy, and reviews of a brand. That’s why people don’t buy products anymore – they buy brands. Making a purchase decision is like choosing your next best friend. You want to align yourself with a cool, trustworthy company, that helps you with your problems when your in need.

If you don’t have a brand that truly connects to your customers in this way, then your simply never going to acquire new customers in a meaningful way.

#2 You’re targeting the wrong people

OK. You’ve decided you have a really great brand or you’ve finally updated your brand and people are in love with you. Now marketing is going to be a breeze. But wait, who should you target? Are their customers that are more valuable then other? Are there customers that are more cost effective to acquire. To answer these questions, you should build insightful personas for each target customer base.

Your persona groups should include:

  • Demographics
  • Career
  • Interests
  • How they use your product/service
  • How they may find you

And don’t be afraid to name your persona groups and give them a face. By truly personifying your customer groups you’ll be better equipped to tap in to how your customers think, act, and feel. Hence, being able to better target them with marketing and advertising efforts.

#3 Your messaging doesn’t resonate

Lastly, you’ll need to tap in to what sort of messaging really resonates with your customers. Why do they like using your product or service? What problem are you solving? What makes you unique and different?

The good news is, if you’ve been following the lessons in this blog post, you already have your customer personas worked up so you’ve potentially answered some of these questions. If your having trouble, you could always ask your customers themselves. Put a survey on your website, send out an email, or make some phone calls to past customers.

Once you’ve determined why your customers use your company, its time to craft these points in to clever copy and ads that grab your customers attention. Don’t be afraid to be irreverent and push the boundaries of your brand. That’s what makes advertising effective and a special medium.

So crank up the music, brainstorm with your team, get crazy and come up with some awesome ideas. Or… you could hire us.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter that much where you market or advertise – Google, Pandora, Youtube. Who cares? The fact is, your customers are most likely there. What truly matters is the brand you’re marketing, who you’re targeting, and what you’re saying. Focus on these three key points and you’ll quickly pave a path to ROI.

What are some other things that could keep your marketing from being effective?

Contact us to help build your company a winning brand.

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