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Master Twitter for Your Business and Learn Six Ways You Can See Immediate Results

There are almost as many reasons as ways for businesses to use Twitter. It’s a quick, free way to inform huge numbers of people about your business; it’s a means to sleuth out customer opinion; and it’s an opportunity to build and become a significant part of a community. Great! Where do you sign up?

Easy there, tiger. The irritating reality is that after you create an account, and busy yourself with following everyone you can think of, you may realize that that list is surprisingly short–and even if it isn’t–there is going to be the inevitable moment when you have to say something to those people. All five of them.

Twitter is not a one shot stop, it’s the slow burn. Like a blog it demands consistent continued content, what about that word from the first paragraph? Community? No one wants to read endless corporate updates and shameless self promotion, especially not when they sign up for a service that promises them they can be friends with Brad Pitt. Tweeters don’t want to hear Brad Pitt say, in 140 characters or less, “I think their auditing firm has been tarting up the financials again.” They want to know where he’s jet setting to now. That he misses his kids while shooting in a remote location, in short–that he’s a human. Weirdly, people want the enormous corporate entities that they admire to also be human.

How do you prove to a room full of strangers that you’re human? Well, what do you normally do when you enter a conversation with someone you don’t know: Ask questions.

Not only will this make fans of your product feel like their opinions are important, it will give you valuable information about your customer base. This also means being open to two ugly and frustrating possibilities: They will say things you don’t want to hear, and that you don’t want everyone else in cyberspace to read; or they may say nothing at all. All 800 followers may just not be responding. What then? Then it’s back to the drawing board. Who are your customers? What do they care about? What do you have that they should want?

These are questions you need to answer for yourself, but when you do Twitter, and the whole of the internet, will be there for you when you figure it out.

Here are six quick things you can do to get more out of Twitter today:

  1. Start asking questions
  2. Create unique content.
  3. Respond to when your customers tweet about your company; good or bad.
  4. Retweet interesting content that is topical to your business.
  5. Create a buzz worthy twitter based campaign to entise your customerss to tweet.
  6. Embed Twitter sharing through your sales funnel

What are some other ways you can leverage Twitter for businesses?

Still don’t get Twitter? Try hiring social media experts to turn your Twitter account into an effective voice for your company.

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