Marketing 101: What is a Full Service Agency?

One Stop Shop

A full service agency, or integrated agency, is a marketing agency that handles all the creative aspects of building a business. Unlike other agencies that specialize in one aspect of marketing or development, a full service agency has built an infrastructure of 5 – 10 different agencies. You can kind of think of it as a one-stop shop. There the idea makers, implementers, and support team for their clients. Full service agencies are built to help companies at any stage of its life cycle in multiple job functions. Whether you’re just starting out with a new idea or have built a multi-national brand – full service agencies are built to scale as your business scales.

Think about a full service agency as a way to staff your company without taking on the risk and overhead of hiring a employee. You can hire a full service agency for full-time and part-time talent. They work on individual tasks or large campaigns. Often times, contacting an agency is more efficient then going through the long drawn out process of hiring a full time employee.

Areas of Expertise

Generally full service agencies build resources around six (6) big buckets of expertise. Within these buckets they may have 1 – 3 different subject matter experts. For example, a full service agency may have UI/UX experts, branding, experts, and illustrators that all fit within the “Design” bucket.

Design – This usually entails making your brand look pretty through branding, graphic design, ad collateral, and UI/UX design.

Marketing – You can use a full service agency to help craft marketing tasks and strategy that’s imperative to successful market share growth.

Advertising – The most effective way to get in front of your customers is through advertising. A full service agency can staff you with resources that are talented in crafting engaging messages and targeting your customers to drive more sales.

Strategy – Its great to get an outside entity to help you build branding and marketing strategies as the foundation for growth.

Development – With so many resources at their disposal, full service agencies can usually staff a number of different development needs across frontend and backend developers. The may be able to help with customer service

Data – Tying all the pieces together and measuring your data in a meaningful way is what its all about in the end. A full service agency has seasoned talent that have tons of experience building complex reporting and analytics solutions to measure your digital KPIs that matter to you.

Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Agency

Scalability – As your needs grow a full service agency can grow with you. You can add other talent to your team, swap talent, and build cross disciplinary teams.

Easy to Manage – If you have 5 different agencies then that’s five different work flows, 5 different groups of software to login to to manage projects. Its just not efficient. A full service agency is great for a company with a wide array of needs that wants to consolidate their agency footprint.

Flexibility – Usually full service agencies have flexible pricing models so they can fit your work load requirements. Typically a full service agency operates with Time and Material, Hourly, and Fixed project types.

Piece of Mind – As you build a long-term relationship with a full service agency you will have the piece-of-mind that if something urgent pops up or you have overflow work that your full service agency will be there to have your back at a moments notice.


We may be a little biased but we truly think full service agencies are the bees knees. If your business is going to have needs across creative and technical fields in the long-term then a full service agency is probably a great fit for you.

What are some other pros and cons of hiring a full service agency?

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