Why is Data Visualization an Effective Marketing Tool?

If you are a digital marketer right now you know that infographics and data visualization are all the rage right now. Actually, its been popular for a while but with the proliferation of the Google Penguin and Panda update putting more emphasis on content a number of different data visualization mediums have really taken off and rightfully so.

Types of data visualization:

  1. Static Graphics
  2. Video
  3. Interactive

Other than its practical purpose of being able to tell complex stories via creative design, data visualization is also a great tool for getting the word out about your product or service.

There are a number of reasons that you should be using infographics as part of your digital marketing mix.

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Breaks Through the Noise

Data visualization help you stand out from the crowd. For every innovative brand there are a thousand mediocre brands that are also trying to get the word out about there services. Simply put, data visualization help you stand out from the crowd with visuals that get people to stop and take notice. If your data visualization makes people say “Wow, I never knew that” or “Wow, that is so cool!”  you are doing the right thing. On the other hand, If your data visuzlization is boring, dull, confusing, or lacks creativity it isn’t accomplishing its core purpose.

It Gets You Links

Because infographics tend to stop people in there tracks and take notice, they are a great piece of content for writers and editors. The story is already told for them. All the need to do is post it and watch the views, comments and shares roll in. As blogs and other publications embed your infographic you often times get source links and deep body text links from high quality sites. For companies eager to improve there search rankings these links are the holly grail to the ever elusive high Google ranking.


Probably the one greatest thing about data visualization is it provides your company with a neatly packaged piece of content. Often times taking form as a video, image, or interactive web page. These marketing mediums are very easily shareable on social media and blogs. This shareability factor is key to igniting word-of-mouth and traffic to your website. The great thing about word-of-mouth is that the conversion opportunities are much higher then other forms of referals. The coveted word-of-mouth user is often times 50 – 75% more likely to make a purchase than your average customer.

Good for Your Brand

As I stated previously, data visualization has a cool factor tied to it. Often, it looks really and people have a pleasure reading it and sharing with their friends. Thus, this positive interaction with your helps build brand capital with your customers which in turn they will cash in for purchases or your product or service. Furthermore, data visualization designs help establish your brand as an authority within your industry. The ability to gather data points around your product, industry or service is a great way to say “Hey, we know what we’re doing and we know what we’re talking about”. As an authority in your field, people stop and listen. They value your brand and your expertise. As a business you can use this to better position your brand, charge higher prices, or simply get more eyes on your company.

What are some other benefits of data visualization that we may have forgotten?

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