Why Your Business Should be on Facebook

Facebook MarketingOh, Facebook. We hate you, love you, love to hate you. You suck the meaningful moments from our lives and re-post them in history book format. But also, you make a lot of money, and we want to get in on that.

Why should your business be on Facebook? In addition to an SEO boost, you should be on Facebook for these three simple reasons:

  1. It communicates to your customers that you are just like them; that you also lose track of time while surfing photos of your bff, and re-posting the latest news stories and celebrity gossip.
  2. It makes you accessible. People may not be sure who to get in touch with at your company, or if their communication with just end up in a giant pile, facebook literally makes you their friend, and a little easier to approach.
  3. It makes your customers ambassadors of your brand. Every time someone “likes” your business, their friends will see it, too.
  4. It’s a forum for discussion, promotion, and even advertising.


Advertising on Facebook can be very effective for some businesses (wonder if your business is one of them? Consult a marketing specialist for a recommendation), but advertising doesn’t have to mean posting ads in the right hand margin of the page. There are other ways to get people to notice you.

Remember the playground mentality of giving people things so they’ll like you? Surely you remember the other kid who did that. Facebook is a lot like that. Many companies are using clever giveaways and perks for being their friends (literally) them on facebook. Promise you’ll pick them first for kickball if they’ll be your friend and just see what happens.

There are a lot of reasons to engage in social media marketing and today the it site is Facebook. In 20 years it will be something else, and there will be a forum, more technologically advanced than the blog, to tell you why you should just go for it. Until then–this is why your business should be on Facebook.

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